9:00 AM   Bus Church
10:00 AM   Sunday School
11:00 AM   Morning Worship Service
6:00 PM   Evening Worship Service
7:30 AM   Men's Prayer Meeting
10:00 AM   S.O.A.R. churchwide visitation
                                  (First 4 Saturdays of each month)
10:00 AM  Bible Builders
                                 (Only in months with a fifth Saturday)
7:30 PM   Mid-Week Service
*Nursery Provided For All Sunday & Wednesday Services

Hope Baptist Missions

Walking down the long hallways of Hope you will find missionary letters posted. They are lined on both sides to remind us to pray and support those that have answered the call of God to reach others with the gospel of Jesus Christ. With the two small words 'Go Ye', Jesus left his last commandment to Christians. We are to take the gospel of Jesus Christ to the entire world, making disciples of all nations, and teaching them everything we have been taught by the Word of God and baptizing them. While each of us has a personal obligation to meet this command, Hope Baptist Church strongly believes in supporting the efforts of Missionaries around the world, because of this belief Hope currently supports over 160 missionaries worldwide.

Missionaries from Hope Baptist Church
  • The Brent Hoffman Family - Panama
  • The Matt Bernsdorff Family - Trinidad
  • The Dean Mazzaferri Family - Italy
  • The Mark Norman Family - England
  • John & Bonnie Tantanella - Christians Serving Veterans
  • The Dana Vogelpohl Family - Scotland
  • The Jim Walker Family - Evangelist, USA